BBA (Accounting and Finance)

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A BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) is an undergraduate program that is often offered by business faculties at universities or by specific business schools. A degree’s focus can be tailored around many different concentrations.

What is a BBA in Accounting and Finance? These two fields are very important to all business’ operations. They deal with the management of the economic resources available to an organization. As businesses continue to grow, qualified accountants are needed to handle all of the financial dealings. Every program will vary, but students take a variety of classes focused on accounting and finance such as strategic accounting, technology, and auditing. Graduates should be able to handle different information systems, develop business opportunities, and develop models to measure value creation.

Students who work towards a degree in accounting and finance may benefit in that they are learning information and skills that can help them find work in many different areas. Businesses of all sizes need these skills, and there are many international opportunities as well for those who like to travel and explore the world.

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Professional Development & Career Planning
Business Communication
Business Mathematics
Business Economics
Small Business Management
Marketing Communication
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