BBA In (Health & Safety Management)

  • by pdilms
  • Course level: Intermediate


Safety management is aimed at creating and maintaining a work environment that is safe for employees. Safety management, therefore, includes aspects such as: Developing safe work procedures.


Implementing any protective measures that may be necessary to reduce the risk of harm in the workplace.

Topics for this course

21 Lessons

Module 1 – What is work health and safety?

Define Work Health and Safety5:30
Explain Why WHS is Important in the Workplace5:02
Eexplain the Potential Consequences of Breaching WHS Laws24:07
Outline Your Roles and Responsibilities In Managing Workplace WHS.3:15

Module 2 – Managing WHS Risks

Module 3 – Preventing Accidents at Work

Module 4 – Preparing For Fire And Other Emergencies

Module 5 – Policy and Safety Culture

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BBA In (Health & Safety Management)