Certified in Abnormal Psychology


The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to mental disorders in adult humans. We will discuss diagnostic issues and methods used to study psychopathology. We will also examine a variety of mental disorders from several different theoretical and treatment perspectives. Focus will be on diagnosis, epidemiology, course of the disorder, etiology, and treatment issues. We will also briefly examine ethical and legal issues pertaining to psychopathology. A major goal of the course is to promote greater awareness and knowledge of psychopathology in hopes that we can reduce the suffering and stigma associated with mental disorders.

What Will I Learn?

  • Here are a few concepts that students in abnormal psychology courses can expect to study:
  • Psychological theories and research
  • Signs of psychological disorders
  • Mental disorder classification
  • Psychotherapy
  • Treatment effectiveness

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Module 1

Introduction: Historical Overview & Paradigms.
Paradigms (conclusion) & Diagnosis and the DSM.
Anxiety Disorders.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.

Module 2

Module 3


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Material Includes

  • Butcher, J.N., Mineka, S., and Hooley, J.M. Abnormal Psychology (16th edition). Boston: Pearson Education, Allyn & Bacon. (Note that this book is also available online through CourseSmart (http://www.coursesmart.com))
  • Oltmanns, T.E., Martin, M.T., Neale, J.M., and Davison, G.C. Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology 9th edition). John Wiley & Sons.
  • Jamison, K.R. (1995). An Unquiet Mind. Vintage Press.


  • The following documents required for admission.
  • Educational documents
  • CNIC/Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Experience letter in relevant field

Target Audience

  • Relevant qualification