Certified in Electrical Engineering

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About Course

Applications of electrical engineering abound in nearly every aspect of today’s technological world. This course presents a survey of the field of electrical engineering and is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts behind the hardware and software that are ubiquitous in everyday (and not so every day) electronic devices and systems such as computers, telephones, TVs, high-speed communication networks, video games, CDs, modems, and satellite communications.

The course will introduce basic electrical concepts including charge, voltage, current, energy, power, resistance, capacitance, inductance, and Kirchhoff’s laws. Practical digital and analogue electronic systems will also be introduced to illustrate advanced topics that are treated more completely in subsequent electrical engineering courses.

These topics include signal processing, semiconductor circuit design, communications, and computer architecture. The material is here presented from both theoretical and application perspectives and is integrated with laboratory experiments requiring the design and construction of electronic circuits and systems, which are intrinsic elements of current technology.





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About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Chapter 1 House Wiring
  • Chapter 2 Internal Connection of Single Phase Motor
  • Chapter 3 Connection of Three Phase Motor
  • Chapter 4 Star Delta Connection
  • Chapter 5 Series Parallel (Parallel Connection)
  • Chapter 6 Types of Electricity

Module 2

  • Chapter 7 Recognition of AC and DC Current
  • Chapter 8 Types of Wiring
  • Chapter 9 Calculation of load on wires
  • Chapter 10 Method of Earthing and its advantages
  • Chapter 11Difference b/w Wire and Cable
  • Assignments

Module 3

  • Chapter 12 Types of Fan and method of working
  • Chapter 13 Effects of Electricity & Units of Electricity
  • Chapter 14 Method of Fixing Starter in Three phase motors
  • Chapter 15 Precautionary measures
  • Chapter 16 Electricity Roll
  • Chapter 17 Method of Batteries Charging
  • Chapter 18 Principal of Resistance
  • Chapter 19 Electricity Symbols
  • Chapter 20 Method of Shuttering Wiring
  • Assignments


  • Exam

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