Certified In Laser Therapy Technician

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About Course

Laser technicians are professionals who work in the field of medical beauty and aesthetics. You’ll work to enhance the beauty of your clients. You perform laser treatments such as lightening skin, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and tightening, vein therapy, and other cosmetic procedures.

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Course Curriculum

I. Laser Physics, Laser Safety and Contraindications

  • Laser Physics: What Makes the Laser Work
  • Laser Safety: Treatment Protocol and Proper Eyewear
  • Contraindications: Treatment Precautions in Regard to Laser
  • Assignments # 2
  • Assignments # 1

II. Patient Selection, Tissue Interaction, Theoretical and Practical Basis for Laser Hair Removal

  • Patient Selection: Which Patients Will or Will Not Benefit
  • Tissue Interaction: What to Expect on the Skin
  • Theoretical and Practical Basis for Laser Hair Removal: Clinical Aspects
  • Assignments # 1
  • Assignments # 2

III. Hair and Skin Analysis, Hair Biology and Growth Cycles, Causes of Excess Hair and Different Types of Hair

  • Hair Analysis: What Type of Hair Will Benefit the Most
  • Skin Analysis: What Type of Skin Will Benefit the Most
  • Hair Biology: History of the Hair
  • Hair Growth Cycles: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen Hair Cycles
  • Causes of Excess Hair: Discovering the Hair Growth Disorders
  • Different Types of Hair: Vellus, Accelerated Vellus and Terminal Hair Types
  • Assignments # 1
  • Assignments # 2

IV. Laser Parameters, Wavelength, Chromophores, Pulse Duration

  • Laser Parameters: Learning the Intensities of Your Laser
  • Laser Wavelength: The Depth of Penetration Controls Laser Efficacy
  • Laser Chromophores: What Attracts or Repels the Laser Energy/Fluence
  • Pulse Duration: How to Control Treatment Via Pulse Duration
  • Assignments

V. Patient Consulting, Hair Removal Modalities & FDA Clearance, History of the Laser, Policy / Procedures and M.D. Involvement

  • Patient Consulting: Conducting Effective Patient Consultations
  • Hair Removal Modalities: Different Types of Hair Removal Modalities
  • History of the Laser: Introduction to Laser and IPL Modalities
  • Policy and Procedures and M.D. Involvement: Province, State and National Policy Review. Treatment Protocol in the Treatment Room
  • Assignments

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