Certified in Modern Methods of Teaching


This course is an introduction to teaching methods used in primary schools. Because you have been a primary school student, you will recognize some of these methods. However, you know them from a student’s perspective rather than from a teacher’s perspective.

Teaching methods are often divided into two broad categories: teacher-centred methods (also called direct instruction) and learner-centred methods (also called indirect instruction or inquiry-based learning).

An effective teacher knows several methods, some teacher-directed and others are learner-directed. From among these methods, a teacher selects the one method or combination of methods most likely to achieve a particular lesson’s objectives with a particular group of students


What Will I Learn?

  • This is your first opportunity to study teaching and, to a lesser extent, learning in school. You will soon learn that there are several sources of knowledge about teaching and learning, and you will be introduced to these sources. Because you have years of experience as a student but are only beginning to study teaching, this course will provide you with the opportunity to experience school with a focus on the teacher

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

Module 1

Sources of information about effective teachers
Sources of information about learning in school
Sources of complexity in the classroom
Managing a crowded space
Working with groups and individuals
Managing different activities occurring at the same time
Diversity among children
Managing scarce resources
Coping with unexpected events

Module 2

Module 3


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  • The following documents required for admission.
  • Educational documents
  • CNIC/Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Experience letter in relevant field

Target Audience

  • Relevant experience