Certified in Operations Management

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About Course

This course provides a general introduction to operations management (OM),

or the production and delivery of goods and services. Students will learn to observe and analyze an organization from a system or process perspective. From this lens, students will learn to design, operate, and improve the systems that deliver goods and services through OM tools such as process flow diagrams, lean management, and decision trees.

Ultimately, this course aims to familiarize students with the major operational issues that confront managers and provide them with the basic language, concepts, insights, and analytical tools to deal with these issues.


What Will You Learn?

  • Develop an understanding of and an appreciation for the production and operations management function in any organization. To understand the importance of productivity and competitiveness to both organizations and nations to understand the importance of an effective production and operations strategy to an organization to understand the various production and operations design decisions and how they relate to the overall strategies of organizations.
  • To understand the importance of product and service design decisions and its impact other design decisions and operations. Obtain an understanding of quality management practice in organizations and how total quality management and six-sigma facilitate organizational effectiveness. To understand the relationship of the various planning practices of capacity planning, aggregate planning, project planning and scheduling.
  • To understand the roles of inventories and basics of managing inventories in various demand settings. To understand contemporary operations and manufacturing organizational approaches and the supply chain management activities and the renewed importance of this aspect of organizational strategy.

Course Content

Module 1

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Operations Management
  • Chapter 2 Product and Service Design
  • Chapter 3 Process Analysis
  • Chapter 4 Just-in-time Production System and Lean Manufacturing

Module 2

Module 3


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