Certified in Pulmonary Medicine


Diploma in Pulmonary Medicine is a study of medical science that deals with the prevention, cause, and treatment of problems in lungs and its related area. During the program, the candidates learn about diagnostics and treatments, for example, bronchodilator, inhalers etc. The course is beneficial to train pulmonary physicians, physician-scientists, and pre- and post-doctoral basic scientists in physiology, cell biology, and molecular biology of the respiratory system. MD in Pulmonary Medicine course helps to train outstanding specialists for careers in academic medicine tailored to the diverse interest of trainees.

What Will I Learn?

  • Theoretical knowledge of different aspects of Pulmonary Medicine including the status in health and disease (Cognitive domain)
  • Professionalism, ethics, communication (Affective domain)
  • Acquire clinical skills (Psychomotor domain)
  • Acquire practical skills (Psychomotor domain)
  • Management of Emergencies including intensive care (Psychomotor domain)

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Module 1

Basic Sciences, Physiology and Biochemistry

MOdule 2

Module 3


Download eBooks


Material Includes

  • ebooks
  • 1. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine Ed. Petersdorf (McGraw Hill)
  • 2. Cecil Text book of Medicine Ed. Wyngaarden
  • 3. Crofton & Douglas Respiratory diseases Ed. Seaton et al (Oxford)
  • 4. Pulmonary diseases & disorders by Fishman (McGraw Hill)
  • 5. Textbook on Pulmonary disease by Fraser & Pare
  • 6. Asthma by Clarke et al
  • 7. Bronchoscopy by Straddling
  • 8. Tuberculosis by SK Sharma
  • 9. Lung diseases in the Tropics Ed. OP Sharma (Marcel Dekker)
  • 10. The Normal Lung by Murray (Saunders)
  • 11. Pulmonary Function Testing by Clausen (Academic Press)
  • 12. Respiratory Physiology by J.B. West (Williams & Wilkins)
  • 13. Physiology of Respiration by J.H. Comroe (Year book Med Pub.)
  • 14. Respiratory Function in disease by Bates et al (Saunders)


  • The following documents required for admission.
  • Educational documents
  • CNIC/Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Experience letter in relevant field

Target Audience

  • Relevant qualification